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      電話:021-50766071 50766072
      商務:sales # hqvision.cn
      技術:support # hqvision.cn

    Adimec S-65A35-Kx/CXP 6500萬相機

    ? 65 Megapixel at 35 fps
    ? Monochrome and Color
    ? Dark field DSNU uniformity correction
    ? Bright field column and low frequency
    uniformity correction
    ? Configurable quad CXP6 speed
    ? Hirose 12pin I/O connector
    ? Adimec Connect & Grab?
    ? CoaXPress V1.1.1 compliant



    The SAPPHIRE 65 Megapixel camera delivers a superior performance in a
    9344x7000 pixels resolution running over 35 fps. It uses state of the art global
    shutter sensor technology. The S-65A35 offers a high dynamic range with
    low noise levels and a high sensitivity. The camera is compatible with other
    cameras in the SAPPHIRE series: S-25 and S-50.
    The S-65A35 CoaXPress camera comes in a low power, compact outline
    design without forced cooling through a fan. This provides optimal design
    freedom for system integration with maximum system reliability. The
    camera offers Adimec Connect & Grab? allowing engineers to start system
    Typical applications examples: Semiconductors metrology tools; Display
    Inspection; Solar panel inspection; Medical



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